Online Feldenkrais Classes

Online Feldenkrais classes

To physically be in a class with others is great but not always possible or practical for everyone. That’s where online classes come in as a very good alternative and Feldenkrais works well over the internet. On this page is information about how to access the classes, what to expect and what you might need.

How do I access the class online?

We conduct the online lessons over Zoom. If you are not familiar with Zoom there is an introductory video below. The link to the Zoom class will be emailed to you after you have made a booking. You can join simply through your web browser or download the free Zoom app for pc, tablet or mobile.

The Zoom meeting room will be open five minutes before the class start time.

Please set up your camera so that we can see you during the class. Remember to treat the online class as you would a regular class, it is a public space and you will be visible to the other participants. We may record the audio of the class but not any chat before or afterwards. Zoom announces the start and finish of the recording.

What happens in a Feldenkrais Group Class?

Classes take the form of a series of verbally led movement experiments in a variety of positions, most often lying down but also in other positions such as seated or standing. They are called Awareness Through Movement classes or ATM.

There isn’t one set “best” way to perform the movements you’ll be asked to make — these experiments are designed to enable you to find your best way to move so there is rarely any demonstration of movements being described. We all have different histories, challenges and abilities and it is from our present situation that we work. Strain and pain do not create a good environment for learning so in the Feldenkrais method we are always looking for each individual to work within a range that is comfortable for them. This makes the method widely accessible.

What do I need?

Most classes will involve some lying on the floor, so you need space to be able to do that. If you don’t have a carpet or rug that you want to lie on you may want something like a yoga mat.

Some classes can be done sitting in a chair. Ideally the seat of the chair will be flat and not too padded –more like a dining chair than a sofa. Your feet should be able to rest flat on the floor with your knees about the same height as your hips.

An important part of Feldenkrais is focusing your awareness so it’s best if you can arrange an hour for yourself during the class where you won’t be interrupted by phone calls, emails, etc. We appreciate that real life can sometimes get in the way. Or the cat comes in and sits on your head.

It’s a good idea to have some firm support for your head if you might need it whilst lying down. A large towel that can be folded or rolled works better and hinders movement less than a pillow.

A Feldenkrais class is not a vigorous aerobic type of class. If you find you get cold easily you may wish to have a blanket to hand.

What should I wear?

Comfortable loose clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement and allows you to lie at ease on your mat.

Layers that you can add or remove if you get too cold or warm.

It is best to do classes in socks or barefoot.