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Feldenkrais Online and in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

– – – New in-person class starting 25th May in Bedfordshire! – – –

What is Feldenkrais?

Intelligent movement…

Feldenkrais is a practical method for working with the brain and nervous system through movement and awareness. It is more concerned with improving function (what we can do) than with isolating structures of the body (strengthening a bicep or stretching a hamstring.) When we learn to move more efficiently and easily, there is generally also a corresponding increase in strength, change in muscle tone, coordination and balance, and an overall feeling of ease and grace.

We all have patterns of movement and behaviour, many of which are extremely useful but others that may not be or that may have outlived their usefulness. These can result in frustration, pain and loss of function over time. Feldenkrais is a way of exploring these habits gently in a safe and playful way, to give ourselves new options and freedom and to help find function that may have been forgotten.

Awareness Through Movement

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes (ATM) are generally group classes where you will be led verbally through a series of movements designed to open up new possibilities for easier movement. Currently classes are online on Wednesday evening at 8pm.

Functional Integration

Functional Integration (FI) are personalised one-to-one sessions designed to bring your awareness to how you do what you do and open up new possibilities for easier movement.

New — in-person Group class!

Starting on the 25th May a new group class will begin at The Farmstead, Houghton Regis, Dunstable — just off the M1. You can check back to book through the website soon or Contact us to book now.

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