Lessons in Movement

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What is Feldenkrais?

An approach to learning

Learning to move with greater ease, efficiency and precision. This gives us more freedom of action in our lives and activity.

It is a practical method that works with the brain and nervous system through movement and awareness in a simple and gentle way.

Feldenkrais is an approach to learning. The principles and benefits of this approach are useful in many areas of activity at different levels of athleticism: from sports like running, tennis and cycling to practices such as yoga, Pilates and martial arts to more everyday activities such as walking, sitting down and standing. In the UK, Feldenkrais is most widely known within the performance community, amongst dancers, musicians and actors.

Feldenkrais group class rolling on the floor
Feldenkrais group class movement, rolling fists


We all have patterns of movement and behaviour, many of which are extremely useful but others that may not be or that may have outlived their usefulness. Such habits can result in frustration, pain and loss of function over time. Feldenkrais is a way of exploring these habits gently in a safe and playful way, to give ourselves new options and freedom and to help find function that may have been forgotten.

The Benefits of Feldenkrais

Learn to improve posture by finding clearer support from the ground through the skeleton rather than unnecessary muscular effort and tension.

Learn to distribute muscular effort proportionately so that we don’t end up with smaller muscle groups chronically doing the work more suited to larger muscles, a frequent cause of pain and injury. When we can move this way things can feel effortless.

When we rid ourselves of unnecessary muscular tension we are free to move as we would like. Easier breathing and improved balance are a result of ridding ourselves of unconscious holding and we can find better coordination.

Feldenkrais group class movement, seated side bending

Feldenkrais classes create an environment in which we can move out of the “flight or fight” stressed-out state in which everyday life can leave us, into a more relaxed, calm state that is more suited to learning and increased neuroplasticity. Students are encouraged to approach classes with a playful and curious mindset.

The principles for learning in the Feldenkrais method are widely applicable and empowering outside of classes. They can give a fresh approach to physical and other problems that life throws at us. Students consider the lessons to have a positive impact on their mental health, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and often find improved sleep too.

Feldenkrais Group Classes

The Farmstead Hall evening classes now start at the slightly earlier start time of 6pm. The hall will close for two weeks over Easter so there will not be classes on the 3rd and 10th of April.

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If you have not been to a Feldenkrais class before we have more information on what to expect and how online lessons work.

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